Ostendit super corium hyrcinum tabulae traditional faciens fuco colorem a manual melius ludis gestet insignia ad subtilitatem, Metal Badges.etc.


Even if the coloring machine has been well applied on the enamel industry;we still keep the coloring progress by manual to produce the ludis gestet insignia;metallum gestet insignia;Badge metallumetOmnia Custom Keychains with some 3D relief details or some small areas for a product which is difficult to be filled in enamel by machine so as to satisfy our customers. That we keep the coloring progress by manual is also to develop our enterprise cultureetmanagement that we always focus on supplying the best quality enamel products to our clients by producing each item. We are developingetgrowing up for the enamel fineness.

Coloring by manual can carry out the soft enameletimitation hard enamel (new enamel) operations for iron or copper stamping items;photo etched onesetzinc alloy injection ones. 

This way will better show the fineness of the traditional craftetcarry forward craftmanship.